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High strength carbon molecular sieve CMS-280




         Carbon molecular sieve is a new absorbing material with the ability of pressure swing adsorption under normal temperature and finally getting high-purity nitrogen. The research and production of carbon molecular sieve must be standardized and scientific. Raw material test, production control, and finished product test both require the rigorous regulation, so we can make the high capacity product. “Yuanhao” carbon molecular sieve is the top choice of absorbing material in air-separation plant industry, because its high nitrogen production, low energy cost, high solidity, and long duration. In chemistry industry, oil and gas industry, food industry, and transportation and inventory industry, it has widely application.

Characteristics for Carbon Molecular Sieve:

1.High ratio performance & price, reducing investment cost and operation cost.

2.Large hardness, little ash, long service life, uniform particles which protests air current impact.

3.Stable quality: Testing strictly according to 100% standard of production and ex-factory testing management.

4.The resin uses in producing the high pure nitrogen with good performance which substitutes the similar import products.

PSA Nitrogen Generation Process

1) Air Feed System
The environmental air supplied to the PSA system should be compressed and purified to get rid of the dust, the oil and water.
2) PSA Nitrogen Generation System
While the compressed and purified air flows through the adsorbent bed with CMS inside in a bottom up way under the pressure of 0.6MPa, the oxygen molecules will be adsorbed by the solid surfaces of the CMS, and the enriched nitrogen will be output from the top of the bed to the container.

When the adsorbent bed reaches the end of its capacity to adsorb oxygen, it can be regenerated by reducing the pressure, thereby releasing the adsorbed oxygen. Using two adsorbent beds to absorb and regenerate in turn allows producing continuous nitrogen in cycle.



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pressure Mpd
Nitrogen concentration %Carbon yield L / h. KgAir / nitrogen



    lectronic stove    Carbonization workshop

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    shipping    40kg

                             Cargo loading                                                                 40 kg barrel

    20kg    137kg

                                20 kg barrel                                                                  137 kg barrel



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      Yuanhao Technology pays attention to quality management and customer service, taking “quality first, customer first” as core competence. We are willing to impress clients by the best brand and service.   Our sale team always provides 24-hour customer service in pre-sale, on-sale, and after-sale stage.


This is Victoria, our boss and sales director, with more than ten years of production experience and first-class production technology.


This is a group photo of the workers in the production department of Yuanhao Carbon Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. We have strict production management system and professional technical support to ensure the quality and delivery time of each customer's products.



Q: Do you provide the technical support of installation?
A: We provide the free online technical support for our customers.

Q : How do I pay for my purchase order?

A : T/T advance and balance payment.

Q : What kind of package do you have?
A : Usually 20KG or 40KG plastic drum, others need customized.

Q : Are you the real factory?
A : Absolutely we are!

     We are a technology-based and export-oriented enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, mainly producing carbon molecular sieve series products. We are an early established and large-scale domestic manufacturer.

     At present, the company's products have spread all over Southeast Asia, India, Europe, America, Brazil, Argentina and other countries and regions, and has initially formed its own relatively broad three-dimensional marketing network mode.

Q : What's the MOQ?
A : 100KG.

Q : What's the delivery time?
A : Always 1-7 days send out.