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ISO System Professional Certification Audit Team Came to Guangde Yuanhao Carbon Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. for Review

Vaxt: 2021-07-06 Oxunub: 4

    June 30, 2021 - July 3, 2021. The auditor of Guolian (Beijing) Certification Center: Yu Lei (group leader), Mao Xinyu, Hu Zhiqing expert group conducted a 3.5-day annual supervision and audit on the new standard quality management system of our company.

    According to the system documents such as GB / t19001-2016, GB / t24001-2016, GB / t45001-2020, relevant laws, regulations and other requirements, the audit team conducted a detailed audit on the operation of the system within the scope of responsibilities of the company and each department.

    By means of document records, on-site inspection, inquiry and other evaluation means of each department, the auditors conducted a strict review on our company, mainly to review the changes, compliance and effectiveness of relevant standards, specifications and regulations of the company's management system. And from the product technical quality, production safety, testing management, to check customer satisfaction and complaints, handling and other quality management and whether there are major quality, environmental and safety problems.

shooting during the review

The Auditor is Reviewing

    After review, the audit team fully affirmed the company's growth and corporate culture construction. At the same time, the audit team also put forward opinions and suggestions on the deficiencies of the company, hoping that the company will continue to improve the ISO quality management level in the future work, and escort the smooth development of the company's work.

    Gu Xuqin, general manager of our company, said that the company will take the problems raised by the audit team seriously, rectify them in time, and thank the auditors for their valuable opinions during the audit. Taking this audit as an opportunity, the company will, in accordance with the requirements of the established document management system, fully identify the external environmental risk assessment factors, effectively supervise the determination process, find problems and take corresponding measures in time, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the overall management level of the company and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the company., For the company in the fierce market competition to lay a good foundation.