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The Development of Carbon Molecular Sieve in China

Vaxt: 2021-05-11 Oxunub: 6

The research and development of karbon molekulyar ələk in China began in the 1980s, about 20 years later than that of the United States. At that time, the main supply in the international market was the carbon molecular sieve produced by BF and Takeda in Japan, with the price of about 200000 yuan / ton(31128.4 USD/ton,at today's US dollar exchange rate), but its nitrogen production was about 100Nm3/h.t, and it was upgraded to 185Nm3/h.t by the 1990s.

At that time, the nitrogen production of domestic carbon molecular sieve (produced by Changxing chemical plant) was only 140Nm3 / h.t, although the index was nearly 30% behind, it also rewritten the history that China could only rely on imported carbon molecular sieve and realized a qualitative leap! Because of the low price of domestic carbon molecular sieves, the price of imported carbon molecular sieves has been greatly reduced, which not only saves foreign exchange for the country, but also promotes the vigorous development of domestic PSA nitrogen plant.

The development of carbon molecular sieve in China

After more than 20 years of development, domestic carbon molecular sieves have made breakthrough progress, with nitrogen production reaching 220-260 Nm3 / h.t. The carbon molecular sieve produced by our company is compared with that of foreign brand carbon molecular sieve on the same machine for many times by domestic and foreign nitrogen machine manufacturers. It is proved that the technical quality of carbon molecular sieve produced in our country has ranked among the world's advanced ranks, and the gas production performance and time response have exceeded the international level, which has been highly praised by PSA nitrogen industry at home and abroad.

Carbon molecular sieve products have been widely used in coal fields, petroleum, chemical industry, metal heat treatment, electronic manufacturing, food preservation and other industries in China, and are exported to the United States, Europe and Asia, and its export volume has already exceeded the import volume of that year, rewriting the history of no export of carbon molecular sieve in China, realizing the second leap from import to export!

The development of carbon molecular sieves(CMS) in China

At the same time, there is still a lot of work to be done in carbon molecular sieves and nitrogen plants:The first is to actively develop environmentally friendly carbon molecular sieve production process to create a foundation for carbon molecular sieve enterprises to develop into large and medium-sized enterprises. Second, the brand of karbon molekulyar ələk can be subdivided into energy-saving type, common nitrogen type and long cycle type according to the process requirements of different nitrogen using places. In addition, in the industry, we should actively explore the development mode of friendly competition among peers, such as strong alliance and capital alliance, so as to create international brand enterprises.

We believe that through further efforts, our country's carbon molecular sieve will be better and stronger.