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យូយូហាន សេកម៉ូលេគុលកាបូន is a new type of non-polar separation adsorbent. It has the ability to adsorb oxygen molecules in the air at normal temperature and pressure. It can be converted into a nitrogen-rich body. The purity of the produced nitrogen can reach than 99.999%

The main types of YUANHAO carbon molecular sieve are CMS-220, CMS-240, CMS-260, CMS-300 and so on. How to choose the right carbon molecular sieve model is a problem faced by many people. Below we will give you some suggestions based on our experience:

Purity: purity that the nitrogen generator wants to achieve.

Nitrogen capacity: the amount of nitrogen gas produced per ton of carbon molecular sieve per hour.

Types can be found based on the purity and nitrogen production in the index of YUANHAO carbon molecular sieve.

However, in actual working conditions, due to different factors such as system design, switching time, air compressor power, carbon molecular sieve attenuation, etc., the actual value may be different, which is specifically applicable to the type of carbon molecular sieve. Please consult YUANHAO sales, we will make corresponding suggestions accordingly.

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