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Donation for Anti Epidemic Work of Our Enterprise

Ħin: 2022-05-09 Viżti: 37

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, facing the complex epidemic situation, our company has been actively cooperating with the government to carry out epidemic prevention. Give a love with your own strength to show social responsibility and mission.

      On the morning of April 11, our company donated 10000 yuan to the people's Government of Baidian Town, 5000 yuan to Fengqiao community and 5000 yuan to Sanhe Village. So as to support the epidemic prevention and control work and help the anti epidemic staff better fight the epidemic.


Gu, CEO of our company, said that everyone has a responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and our enterprise should also assume social responsibility and contribute to the fight against the epidemic!

Pan Qian, deputy mayor of Baidian Town, accepted these materials on behalf of the town epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and expressed heartfelt thanks to our enterprise on behalf of the town Party committee and the town government. He thanked the enterprise for supporting the epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions, practicing social responsibility and transmitting positive energy to fight the epidemic.


Donation not only provided material support for epidemic prevention and control, but also gave spiritual encouragement to front-line epidemic prevention personnel. I believe that with the joint efforts of the whole society, we will completely overcome the epidemic.

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