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Yuanhao Carbon Molecular Sieve(CMS)Produces Large Amount of Nitrogen and Has Long Service Life

Nthawi: 2021-06-04 Phokoso: 9

    The main component of carbon molecular sieve is elemental carbon, and its appearance is black columnar solid. Because there are a large number of micropores with a diameter of 4 angstrom, the micropores have strong instantaneous affinity for oxygen molecules, which can be used to separate oxygen and nitrogen from air. Nitrogen is produced by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) in industry.

    Yuanhao carbon molecular sieve has large amount of nitrogen production, high nitrogen recovery rate and long service life. It is suitable for various types of PSA nitrogen generator and is the preferred product of PSA nitrogen generator.

    Carbon molecular sieve has been widely used in petrochemical, metal heat treatment, electronic manufacturing, food preservation and other industries.


    Yuanhao molecular sieve uses flower mud as raw material to meet the needs of CMS customers and control the quality of intermediate links more effectively.

    The conventional models of carbon molecular sieve produced by our factory are as follows: CMS-200, CMS-220, CMS-240, CMS-260, CMS-280, CMS-300. Of course, if you want to customize the model, we will adjust the technology according to your needs.

Carbon Molecular Sieve cms-200    carbon molecular sieve CMS-220    Black extruded (pellet), 1.1-1.4mm m'mimba mwake, CMS-240

carbon molecular sieve CMS-260    carbon molecular sieve CMS-280    carbon molecular sieve CMS-300

    We have experts who have been engaged in the production and research of carbon molecular sieves for more than 15 years, so inu don't have to worry about the quality of carbon molecular sieves we produce. The quality of carbon molecular sieves produced by our factory is among the best in China, and has been highly praised by customers.


    Ngati muli ndi mafunso ena, chonde Lumikizanani nafe!