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Our Company Participated in the Entrepreneur Symposium Held by the Government of Baidian Town

Čas: 2022-06-21 Ogledi: 37

On the morning of June 18, 2022, the people's Government of Baidian town held a centralized on-site office activity of "optimizing the environment and stabilizing the economy". Leaders of Guangde City, Baidian town and representatives of enterprises attended the event, and our Guangde Yuanhao carbon molecular sieve Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the meeting.

Political commissar leaders had face-to-face exchanges with entrepreneur representatives to have an in-depth understanding of the current production and operation of enterprises, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs, so as to add impetus to the confidence of enterprises. He stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, adhere to the principle of keeping stability at the forefront and seeking progress while maintaining stability, conscientiously implement the major requirements of "preventing epidemics, stabilizing the economy and ensuring safe development", further strengthen confidence in development, accurately provide enterprise related services, expand and strengthen the real economy, and unite the government and enterprises to promote the overall recovery of the economy, so as to contribute to the stability of the macro-economy.

At the symposium, the principals of several enterprises introduced in detail the production and operation of the enterprises, the development trend of the industry and the difficulties and challenges encountered, and put forward suggestions for the Party committee and the government to support the development of the real economy. Leaders listened carefully to our speeches and interacted with entrepreneur representatives on industrial development, enterprise financing, scientific and technological innovation, green energy and other issues. In response to the problems raised by the enterprise, he asked the relevant departments to carefully sort out, draw inferences from one instance, come up with practical and effective measures, coordinate and solve them in time, and give feedback in place to ensure practical results.

Government leaders put forward that "development is the last word" and "development is the best way to solve problems". Although the economy is declining due to the epidemic, enterprises should have confidence and develop stably under the leadership of the government. The government should also implement policies, and handle the problems raised by enterprises in written, oral and on-site supervision. The Party committee and the government should make every effort to provide good service and serve as a good backup, go deep into every link and process of the enterprise with "normal service" and "humanized service", take serving the enterprise as an unshirkable responsibility, adhere to the rule of law thinking and problem orientation, take the initiative to move forward, make deep, detailed and practical efforts in environmental optimization, examination and approval services, policy implementation, factor guarantee, etc., and establish a normal and long-term contact service enterprise mechanism. Government should make every effort to serve the enterprise well and continuously stimulate the development vitality of the enterprise.

Our enterprises should Prav tako establish a normalized economic form, firmly grasp the form of national policies, setour own development goals and take a long-term view of development. Our enterprises should establish a normalized economic form, firmly grasp the form of national policies, set their own development goals and take a long-term view of development. In addition, entrepreneurs should have more exchanges and strong alliances. When the overall environment is not ideal, the more difficult it is, the more entrepreneurs should be good at observing the general situation, maintain concentration, be brave to take responsibility and contribute to the society, adhere to the positioning of "social entrepreneurs", drive employment, participate in helping the needy, strictly prevent business risks, keep the red line of safety production and ecological environmental protection, and carefully carry out epidemic prevention and control. We should earnestly shoulder social responsibilities.