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Adsorption and Desorption Process of Yuanhao Carbon Molecular Sieves(CMS-200,220,240,260,280,300) and its Advantages

وقت: 2021-06-24 مشاہدات: 7

Process Principle

The adsorption of organic waste gas by کاربن سالماتی چھلنی is the characteristic of using microporous carbon molecular sieve to absorb organic substances. The organic solvent in organic waste gas with large air volume and low concentration is absorbed into the carbon molecular sieve and concentrated. The gas after adsorption and purification is discharged directly after reaching the standard. The essence of the process is a physical adsorption concentration process. Organic solvents were not removed.

Desorption is to use the hot air produced by our company's regeneration device after decomposing the organic waste gas to heat the adsorbed organic solvent in the کاربن سالماتی چھلنی to reach the boiling point of the solvent, so that the organic solvent can be desorbed from the carbon molecular sieve, and the concentrated high concentration waste gas is introduced into the catalytic combustion device. In the regeneration unit, high concentration organic waste gas is oxidized into harmless water and carbon dioxide and discharged into the atmosphere.

Adsorption and desorption can be carried out at the same time, using multiple carbon molecular sieve adsorption beds for adsorption treatment and one bed for desorption at the same time, which is suitable for continuous production sites.

Adsorption and Desorption Process of CMS

عمل Advanages

1.It has high adsorption capacity and good adsorption capacity for organic molecules in waste gas.

2.High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

3.Molecular sieves can be regenerated repeatedly. The catalyst regeneration device is used to regenerate the molecular sieves regularly. The concentrated gas generated by regeneration enters the regeneration device for thermal decomposition, forming harmless gas emission, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

4.Save operation cost, no need to replace activated carbon regularly